Puppy Love

I teach a photography class for seventh graders at Greater Atlanta Christian School.  This class has pushed me in so many ways.  I have learned numerous techniques for editing as well as photography in general.  I have tried new types of photography such as light painting, food photography, and this semester pet photography.  I challenged the students to focus on one type of photography for the remainder of the semester.  For some reason, many of them decided pet photography should be their focus.  Now, I know plenty of people make a good living with pet photography, but it is not personal specialty.  Other than one newborn puppy shoot and a shoot for Tangled Tails Pet Salon,  I haven’t had much experience with pet photography.  I jumped at the chance to when my students volunteered to bring in their pets for our block period.

Student taking pet photo

Jo Jo and Puppy

Lily with MayFern&May4

Puppy Scratching EarBeautiful Fern

Puppy Rolling In Grass

Resting Puppy

Puppy Running

Friends Puppies

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