Month 1 ~ Ava


After looking at this first image, would you believe this sweet girl would.not.sleep for me?  I was able to get her to fall asleep long enough for me to take one or two shots, then she would wake back up any time I tried to move her.  We would lull her back to sleep, snap another quick photo, then her eyes would shoot open again.



So instead of focusing on the fact that she wouldn’t stay asleep, I was able to get some really nice detailed shots.  Aren’t her toes just the sweetest? Blog_7



She didn’t mind being on her side, but her tummy was absolutely off limits!




Ava was slightly older than most newborns I photograph.  She was one month and two days during our shoot.  Even still, she was adorable, and I love the way she looked up at me with those big dark eyes!

One Month Ava

Congratulations Shelby & Shawn! She is a gift!


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