Oh The Changes a Year Can Bring: Lawrenceville, GA from Belly to One

Maternity Photo Session Lawrenceville GA

 I think Addi and Caleb would agree that this has been an amazing year.  We did their maternity photo session at their home, and I loved how comfortable they were.  I asked Addi if she had any cravings during her pregnancy.  Can you guess what she said?  She was so cute pregnant!  While I was there, I mentioned that one of my photography goals for the year was to photograph a birth.  A few days later, Addi called me and asked if I would be there the day Charli Kay was born.  I was so excited and honored that she asked!

Maternity Photo Session Lawrenceville GAMaternity Photo Session Lawrenceville GA

We didn’t realize how close we cut doing the maternity pictures.  I think it was a few days later that Addi went into labor.  She called, and I made arrangements to get to the hospital.  We waited, and waited, but baby girl finally decided to arrive!

Birth Photography Gwinnett Medical CenterBirth Photography Gwinnett Medical Center

Caleb and Addi didn’t know, but while I was there I shot some video.  I was so thrilled to give that to them as a surprise gift.  I captured some very intimate moments between their little family.  I will never forget that experience.  Caleb was an amazing husband, and held Addi’s hand the whole way.  The doctor and nurse had to remind both of us to breathe!  Addi was a champ, and handled the delivery with grace.  I enjoyed meeting their families, and photographing the first moments with the grandparents.  Thank you Caleb and Addi for allowing me the privilege of being part of such and intimate time.  Newborn Photo Session Lawrenceville GANewborn Photo Session Lawrenceville GA

Charli made her arrival just in time.  We had some crazy weather in Georgia last February, making travel difficult.  Not only that, I was leaving for Ecuador for a week.  We ended up doing the newborn photos at 8:00 P.M.  I had some new studio lighting, so I packed up, and headed over to the Panter’s.  While my preference is to photograph newborns in the morning using natural light, I think we ended up with some pretty good images!

6 Months Photo Session Girl Lawrenceville GA

To date, Charli’s six month session still provides some of my favorite memories as a photographer.  She is such an angel baby!  She loved having her picture taken, and was curious about everything I was doing.  This allowed me to have some really good shots of her looking directly at the camera.  Aren’t her eyes just darling?  Often I see other photographers photoshopping the mess out of children’s eyes.  These are all natural, with no help from photoshop.

6 Months Photo Session Girl Lawrenceville GA

6 Months Photo Session Girl Lawrenceville GA

FAST forward (seriously, where did the time go) six months.

One Year Old Photo Session Lawrenceville GA

This little miss would sit still for maybe two seconds.  That might be an exaggeration!  She was so busy, and I loved it!

One Year Old Photo Session Lawrenceville GA

We tried the confinement game, but she didn’t want to play.

One Year Old Photo Session Lawrenceville GA



Then there was cake.  Girl sat down for some cake.  We are kindred spirits.  She was not quite sure if Mom and Dad were really okay with her eating the cake.  She kept checking in with them to make sure it was okay.

One Year Old Photo Session Lawrenceville GAOne Year Old Photo Session Lawrenceville GA

Things started to get real as soon as she realized Mom and Dad were totally fine with her eating this amazing treat. #WhereHasThisSweetGoodnessBeenAllMyLife?!  After a quick bath, Charli Kay came back for one final set up.  P.S.  If you need any gold glitter, there is plenty in my bathtub.  Come on over!One Year Old Photo Session Lawrenceville GA

Sweet Charli Kay, I pray blessings over your life.  You are a beautiful baby girl, and your laugh is contagious.  May you always have zeal for what is good, and see the best in others.

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