{Senior Class of 2017} Ben

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I met Ben his freshmen year of high school.  He was in my Language Arts class.  I don’t remember much that he said, or how he performed on tests.  I do remember that he was always sweet, and well mannered.  He didn’t act like some of the other guys in that class.  They were all attention hungry.  Ben never asked for the spotlight.  One day though, he got it.  I assigned a project to learn how to do something new, then teach it to the class.  Other students learned how to change a tire, tie a toga (a great skill for college), and tie different knots in a tie.  Not Ben.  Ben learned how to break dance.  That day, he became my favorites.  I don’t think I ever told him that, but I guess I am now.  His video was on point.  I remember the video documenting his process of practicing the moves in his living room.  When I was his age, I would have been embarrassed to let others see my process of learning a new skill. He didn’t hold back at all.  You could tell he genuinely wanted to learn the moves, and he rocked it.

Ben is an incredibly talented young man, and he has not shied away from sharing his talents.  He has performed in numerous school plays, and for Friday Night Lights.  This year he won the best actor award for his role in Anatomy of Gray at the Georgia Conference Theater.  Ben’s talent always shines through, but again, he never asks for the spotlight.  The spotlight is naturally given to him.  His hard work and humility will continue to pay off in the years to come.  Congratulations on your Senior year Ben, and on all of your accomplishments!

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